Holy Tour 2016

The Fans Always Win!!!

After a laborious 1st semester, here follow the news for the 2nd half of 2016:
Since the past year, our mailboxes have been overloaded with thousands of concert requests. In most of them, a common desire, rather special: Andre Matos & Band performing the complete songs of Holy Land, live, as a whole - the ultimate tribute to such iconic album.

It is a fact: some unforgettable moments of the Angels Cry Tour still echo around and its succession had been nearly taken for granted. However, fresh ideasbegan to pop up, impelling the writingof brand new songs. It felt quite clear that one wouldn't dispose of any spare time for a whole new tour.

It was right then when we agreed on giving it a break and rethinking all of our plans.
The course of an artist's career is not always 100% determined by him. Consciousness and humbleness is key: to observe and respect the ones who give support to our music and to cope with their deepest wishes. In the end, it is all-worthless without them.

When time is right for innovation, there we will go. That's our big duty, our mission. Same as taking into consideration all of the suggestions or pledges: nothing shall ever stay ignored.
- So: when, at last, could we celebrate live such a unique album like Holy Land?
Its fantastic songwriting, arrangements, piano playing, percussion features, symphonic atmosphere? …Its original one and only voice, irreplaceable?

...The fans seem not keen to wait any longer! Neither do we. The time is now...

Andre Matos & Band: Holy Tour 2016 - Complete & Live - Worldwide

Original Arrangements & Vocals + Unreleased Tracks + New & Oldest Hits.
Tour dates available from Sept.1st - until Dec.22nd, 2016.

Tour Dates

Holy Tour

17/09 - Aquarius Rock Bar - São Paulo/SP
Horário: 22:00hrs
Endereço: Rua Iososuke Okaue, 40 - Itaquera

21/10 - Centro de Eventos Blondie - Santiago/Chile
Horário: 20:00hrs
Endereço: Alameda 2879 - Metro U.L.A.

22/10 - Concepción/Chile


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